Land der Musik – The Graz AI Score


HEX 004 - 29/03/2019

All three audio files are compiled from two live recordings with different microphone settings. The cover image is generated by algorithms trained with the following image searches: migration, mediterranean, boat, Libyan coast, EU. Different search engines were used.

»Land der Musik« celebrated its world premiere on 7 October 2018 at steirischer herbst ’18 – volksfronten in Graz, Austria. Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst in cooperation with ORF Musikprotokoll.

A1. soundalikeStrauss (an audio reverse-engineering tool is used after the initial cross-fade)

A2. AIstrauss (algorithms are trained with midi-files of Johann Strauss waltzes)

B1. AImahler (algorithms trained with midi-files of Gustav Mahler symphonies)

B2. (untitled)

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