Distorted Worlds

Kajsa Lindgren

HEX 003 - 31/08/2018

A few more layers, a few more places and times of emanation. Kajsa Lindgren’s »WOMB« was released as an album (Hyperdelia, HEX 002), was performed as an underwater concert, virtualised as a floaty web installation (inanimate.world) and will now be treated to and as another re-imagining and re-living. »WOMB«’s aqua-sonics keep on generating. For »Distorted Worlds«, the follow-up EP, three artists and two anthropologists/writers have waded through the archives of »WOMB« and all the traces it has left: material from »WOMB«’s recording session, field recordings, voices, memories, swimming pool impulse responses, notes, drawings and thoughts. The results and processes – very different in sound and aesthetics – overgrow »Distorted Worlds«, the WOMB Remix EP.


  • 01:51 – Stefan Helmreich & Eva Hayward - The Disrupted World
  • 04:40 – Felicia Atkinson - Cocoon (Cotton)
  • 07:26 – Teresa Winter - The Garden (Remix)
  • 08:15 – David Granström - Stratus


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Source Material: Kajsa Lindgren (»WOMB«, HEX 002)
Compositions: Stefan Helmreich & Eva Hayward, Felicia Atkinson, Teresa Winter, David Granström
Mastering: Rupert Clervaux
Cover: Stefan Helmreich
Funding: Kulturbryggan


Kajsa Lindgren
»Kajsa Lindgren (b. 1990) is a swedish composer and sound-artist mainly working with field recordings and different ways to approach and perform them, often through spatial, multichannel distribution. Her work includes electroacoustic compositions and sound installations, as well as compositions for acoustic traditional instruments.«
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